Highly Specialized Care

Intensive Care Unit at Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona, California

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Corona Regional Medical Center provides highly specialized care for patients who need to be closely and continuously monitored following major surgery or during serious illness.

The ICU uses equipment and professional staffing levels unique to this level of care. Each member of the team is specially trained to care for seriously ill patients, and each contributes to the overall quality of care your loved one receives. They each bring special expertise to the treatment plan developed and carefully monitored by the doctor. ICU nurses do hands-on care and monitoring, but other specialists play key roles, as well:

  • Respiratory therapists help with patients on ventilators or those with breathing problems.
  • Dietitians provide assistance for patients with special dietary concerns.
  • Physical therapists help your loved one improve strength and flexibility.
  • Case managers work with the family to help resolve insurance and financial concerns and may help make arrangements for any necessary post-hospital care.
  • Social workers provide support to help you and your loved one to ease emotional stress.
  • Clergy members are available to provide spiritual support as requested.
  • Other support staff assist as needed. 

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