Don’t Delay Getting Prompt Attention For Foot, Ankle Injuries

June 30, 2021

Don’t put off addressing foot pain, says Orthopedic Surgeon Nasser Heyrani, MD

picture of orthopedic surgeon Nasser Heyrani, MDDr. Heyrani says foot and ankle injuries are more common than people think, and should be treated promptly. “Your foot and ankle support your whole body. If either one is injured or if the patient suffers from chronic pain, it can affect the rest of the musculoskeletal system,” he says. “So it is good to see an orthopedic specialist if conservative care does not offer relief.” Dr. Heyrani explains that some people become so accustomed to mild pain that they tend to work around it and put off getting it evaluated. “When the patient experiences locking, swelling or instability of a joint, numbness, tingling, pain that does not go away or interferes with daily activities or sleep, it is time to see the doctor,” he says. “I have had many patients who tell me they wish they would have come in sooner.” 

Dr. Heyrani specializes in the foot and ankle and treats a variety of injuries and conditions, including sports injuries, ankle instability, arthritis in the ankle and osteochondral lesions of talus bone and ankle. When he meets with a patient, Dr. Heyrani thoroughly evaluates and diagnoses the condition, offers treatment options and discusses their pros and cons. For chronic conditions, conservative treatments sometimes work; other times, surgery is needed. If a patient needs surgery, Dr. Heyrani educates his patients about the entire process.

“We talk about the pre-op evaluation, surgery, pain management, recovery and follow up. It is different for each person—some may need rehab, while others will not,” he says. “For instance, if we do a minimally invasive procedure, that patient may experience less discomfort and have a quicker recovery versus a patient who needs open surgery. Each case is different, and we are here for the patient from the beginning to the end. Our goal is to help them return to a productive life.”