Company Donates Meals for Night Shift

Dave Nelson Fit4U Meal Prep truckMay 19, 2020

Every Sunday for the last month, the night shift at Corona Regional Medical Center has had one less thing to think about – bringing a meal to work. That is all thanks to Dave Nelson and his company, Fit4U Meal Prep ↗.

"It’s an interesting time in history. Hospital workers have to go to work, and with everything else they are doing to care for their families during this pandemic, they often don't have time to prepare a healthy meal to take with them,” says Nelson. “This was weighing on me, especially for the night shift, because there are not many food options in the middle of the night. We wanted to support them in their service to the community, and it’s been a blessing to provide them with meals."

Each weekend, Nelson and his chef prepare the meals and he delivers them to Corona Regional Medical Center on Sunday evening. His menu offers nutrient-dense, individually packaged meals in different caloric ranges, as well as Keto and low-carb options. “It’s the least we can do to make sure they are well-fed,” he says.

Nelson says a lot of people are used to going out to eat and they are looking for an alternate source of quick, nutritious food. Orders are taken through his website and meals are delivered. "We prepare everything fresh on Sundays and drop meals off at a local nutrition store for purchase, or we can deliver it right to the customer," he says.

Nelson has even launched a fundraiser through GoFundMe called Feed the Front, which he says has been helpful to defray costs each week.