For Patients with Short or Long-Term Illnesses

Skilled Nursing Services and Subacute Care at Corona Regional Medical Center

For patients with short or long-term illnesses, Corona Regional Medical Center features a 61-bed unit for those who need daily skilled nursing or subacute care. Our nursing unit provides a high ratio of registered and licensed vocational nurses to patients, assuring high quality care in a compassionate, homelike setting.

Minimum Criteria Needed for Subacute Care

  • Patient's condition has stabilized to the point that acute care is not medically necessary; and
  • Patient's condition warrants 24-hour nursing care by a Registered Nurse;
  • And any one of the following three items:
    • A tracheostomy with continuous mechanical ventilation for at least fifty percent of the day; or
    • Tracheostomy care with suctioning and room air mist or oxygen as needed and one of the six treatment procedure listed in the Treatment Procedures below; or
    • Administration of any three of the six treatment procedure listed in the Treatment Procedures below.

Treatment Procedures

  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
  • Inpatient physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy, at least two hours per day, five days a week
  • Tube feeding (nasogastric or gastrostomy)
  • Inhalation therapy treatments during every shift and minimum of four times per 24-hour period
  • Continuous IV therapy involving administration of therapeutic agents or IV therapy necessary for hydration or frequent IV drug administration via peripheral and/or central line without continuous infusion, such as Heparin lock
  • Debridement, packing and medicated irrigation with or without whirlpool treatment


Patients can be referred by their physician or by contacting our facility at 951-736-7200.