Corona Regional Medical Center Health News Magazine Winter 2020

Health News Magazine Winter 2020 (March)

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In This Issue:
Illustration of brain's blood vessels
Winter 2020 (March)

When MINUTES Matter

There are few things as urgent as a stroke. Once blood flow is compromised and oxygen is restricted by a clot, brain cells begin to die. Within Corona Regional Medical Center’s ER, a dedicated imaging suite reduces the time it takes to diagnose and treat those suffering from a stroke.
Quinn Carney
Winter 2020 (March)

Another Chance at Life

Quinn Carney was all too familiar with chest pain, having had a heart attack and two stents placed in his heart a year ago at another facility. When he experienced another bout of chest pain in late October, he went straight to the ER at Corona Regional Medical Center.
Woman holding her stomach with pained expression
Winter 2020 (March)

Ask the Doctor: Endometrial Ablation

If you are suffering from excessive menstrual bleeding, breakthrough bleeding or have longer than average periods, endometrial ablation may be a solution.